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Alicia and Esther have been friends for over 15 years. They are two young women that have experienced the ups and downs of life together, but have always found a common ground and interest , FOOD.

As we have grown older, we realize we are what we eat, and we feel what we eat. WE LOVE TO EAT, but we also like to have fun, and enjoy our food too. 


There are days when we want to be vegetarians, and then there are days when we want a nice juicy burger and fries. What is wrong with that? We can have an omelet for breakfast, some tacos for lunch, and a smoothie for dinner. Therefore, we decided to eat responsible, while still satisfying our cravings one smoothie, one juice, one smoothie bowl, one meal at a time.  



Smoothie and Drink Outside.jpg

From the Press

The last couple of years, Esther and Alicia have been on the journey of healthy eating and with that involves a balanced diet. It is very difficult for most to get the daily recommended amount of nutrients a person needs from foods so they wanted to supply their customers with those essential nutrients in the form of a convenient, delicious smoothie. Adding the healthy sides and courses only seemed logical and another aspect that differentiates themselves from the competition around the area. It isn’t just about profits for them, though. Their desire to bring awareness of healthier eating to the community by offering so many healthy options...

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